Winter Storage

Winter Storage is Full

Unfortunately we have hit capacity early on this season. The early bird got the worm this time around but that doesn’t mean we don’t care about everyone that missed out. We would be more then happy to service your bike(s) in the upcoming season and we hope you can bare the cold!

Why Winter Storage?

We know that you love your bike and we love it too. We would hate to see your bicycle locked up unattended in a snow bank for the whole winter. It not only makes it harder to services, but it can get expensive if we have to replace healthy parts that have rusted away over the winter. This is why we offer free winter storage in order to protect your bike from all that snow, slush, salt and any other elements that old man winter can throw at it.  All we need from you is your bicycle and some basic contact info, and then we’ll see you in the spring!

Why Free?

First, because everyone else charges for storage or requires you to pay for a tune-up to get in on their “free winter storage”. Second, we have more than enough space on site to be able to provide this type of service for free. Lastly, we just want to make new friends and eventually new customers once we have made you feel comfortable that your bicycle is safe and in good hands over the winter.

Do I need to book a Tune-up?

No Tune-up is required in order for you to take advantage of our Free Winter Storage, but if you would like to have us perform any maintenance on your bicycle, please let us know in advance, so that we can work on it over the winter and have it ready before the big spring tune-up rush.

When do I pick up my bike?

We would appreciate it if you would come pick up your bicycle from storage no later than the 1st day of spring (March 21), since a new cycling season will have begun and we need the extra space for inventory.